This is how you can find the best bargains in Dubai - shopping tips for travelers

  • Shopping centers, markets and an Arabian atmosphere

    Today In Dubai, a popular tourist city in the United Arab Emirates, is a true shopper's Mecca. Shopping malls that are bigger than each other, markets equipped with beautiful products, or souks , and a really diverse selection guarantee that you don't have to return home empty-handed from your vacation in Dubai.

    Many travel to Dubai not only for the warmth and sun, but also for good shopping opportunities. Several chains that do not yet have a store in Finland have stores in huge shopping centers. Dubai opens up a whole new world of shopping for tourists.

    The price level in Dubai is by no means particularly cheap, and the final price tag of the products always depends on the current exchange rate of the local currency, the UAE dirham, in relation to the euro. Usually, the prices are pretty much the same as in Finland, but especially during sales it is possible to make good finds in the city.

    Dubai's annual shopping festival Dubai Shopping Festival, held in January, also increases the number of offers.



     Shop in malls

    If you long for an endless selection of shops and numerous new brand acquaintances, Dubai's shopping centers are just the right shopping destination. When talking about a shopping holiday in Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind are the huge shopping malls, which are numerous in the city. The most famous shopping complexes are Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. In addition to these, the city also has many other shopping centers, for example the Burjuman Centre, known for its luxury brands, the outlet village Festival Center and The Walk at JBR, which is right next to the beach.

    Distances between shopping centers can be surprisingly long, so it may be wise to focus your visit on just one shopping center in one day. For example, the distance between Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates is about 20 kilometers, so it's not worth covering the distance, at least during rush hour. Know more about Bosporus Turkish Restaurant In Dubai.


    However, spending the whole day in the shopping center will not cause any problems, because in addition to the diverse range of shops, Dubai's shopping destinations have endless restaurants and also interesting places to visit. For example, the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa and the famous Dubai Aquarium are connected to the Dubai Mall shopping center, while the Mall of the Emirates shopping center has, for example, the well-known Ski Dubai indoor skiing center. Know more about Panoor restaurant near me.

    Admire the sparkle in the gold market

    Dubai is known for having an endless supply of the world's biggest, coolest and newest things. This way of thinking can also be seen in the gold souk located in the Deira Dubai district, where there is a huge amount of beautiful gold jewelry for sale.


    The area, which consists of small goldsmith shops, is full of display windows lined with glittering jewelry, and the biggest attraction of the area from a tourist's point of view is to be able to see such a large amount of gold in one place. If the travel budget allows, the gold souk is also a great place to buy handsome gold jewelry. Learn more about Green City restaurant Satwa.


    The jewelry in the display windows is really impressive, and instead of Arab Emirates, most of the people who shop in the souk are Indian immigrants. It can also be seen in the selection of jewelry, because the gold jewelry placed in the windows is really large and impressive.


    In Kultsouk, you can't help but come across men who offer tourists the opportunity to buy fake watches and bags. In addition to them, there are also drink vendors in the kultasouk area who are approached by tourists. However, the sellers are very friendly, and quickly leave the traveler alone after hearing a negative answer.

     Delight the household with suitable guests

    It's embarrassing to return home from a holiday in a shopping paradise without a decent gift, and Dubai offers many good options to take home. Traditional delicacies from Dubai are fresh dates and chocolate made from camel milk. Dates covered in chocolate and filled with almonds are also a popular food item. In addition, roasted and salted or spiced nuts are perfect for a Dubai feast. You might be interested in Ritaj Restaurant.


    If you're looking for goodies, you should head to the souks in the Deira Dubai district, where they sell things just right for the holidays: colorful scarves, decorative slippers, and fragrant spices. Small shops also sell kitchen products with an Arabian atmosphere, such as funny salt shakers and beautiful dishes.

    Cultural experiences when shopping

    Only about ten percent of the residents of the United Arab Emirates are locals, so the country is very international. It can also be seen in Dubai, where there is a huge number of workers who have moved from abroad. The international city offers tourists the opportunity to get to know the multiculturalism of the country, and the Global village shopping center, located about 30 kilometers from the Dubai Mall, is a great way to experience the spectrum of cultures.


    Global Village is a cultural and shopping center aimed at the whole family, which consists of numerous different shops and stalls that present the culture of different countries in the form of food as well as other products. In the area, you can get to know the culture of a total of 75 different countries and taste many kinds of food. Know more about Salkara restaurant Dubai.


    The region has its own pavilions for different regions, and the emphasis is clearly on Middle Eastern countries. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Palestine, Yemen and Syria, for example, have their own pavilions, as do, for example, many countries in Europe and Africa. In the pavilions, the delicacies and other products of that country are sold in particular. For example, in the Iranian pavilion, you can taste Iranian nuts and buy Persian carpets, among other things.


    In addition to the pavilions, there are numerous different shopping centers and shops in the area, which are divided by theme. In Global Village, you can shop for things like jewelry, perfumes, bazaar products, and food. There is a nominal entrance fee of around four euros to the area, and tickets can be bought either in advance on the Global Village website or alternatively only on site. You might be interested in Al Ibrahimi Restaurant Dubai.

    Shop in a different kind of Dubai

    If you prefer to shop somewhere else than in shiny shopping malls and you want to see the local color even on holiday shopping, do your shopping in the Al Karama district. Located about eight kilometers from the Dubai Mall, the run-down neighborhood offers a real change from the shopping streets filled with skyscrapers.


    Al Karama district is an interesting place to visit not only in the architectural sense, but also in terms of its shopping selection. The area sells, for example, plenty of unbranded scarves made of silk, cashmere and other materials. In terms of quality, however, you should be careful with the products, as some of the products may be fake.

    The area also sells a lot of fake leather products, for example bags and wallets - but of course it's not worth buying fake products. Check out one of the best Al Safadi Restaurant Dubai.


    More interesting than the product selection is the atmosphere of Al Karama. The architecture of the area is completely different from that of Downtown Dubai, filled with shiny skyscrapers, and Al Karama offers a glimpse of the Dubai that is everyday life for most of the migrant workers staying in the city.

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